Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Witch At The Wine Blogger's Conference

I should have known there was a wine blogger conference, because at this point isn't there a conference for everything? I was first told about the Wine Blogger's Conference by the fabulous Somm in the City, then she dropped the bomb that it would be happening in the Finger Lakes wine country this year. Now you know I signed up immediately. I am now currently counting down the days till this conference.

There will  be around 300 wine bloggers from around the world to attend the conference in August.  I have been told that there are some people who religiously attend this conference. It explores a different wine country each year. There is nothing more awesome than a room full of people who are passionate about wine, so I know that with 300 strong, it will be an epic time.

It will be my first time to visit the Finger Lakes Wine Country. There are over 100 wineries in the Finger Lake  area and three wine trails. The itinerary for the conference keeps getting better and better. Karen MacNeil, wine educator and author of The Wine Bible will be the keynote speaker. MacNeil is working on the second edition of The Wine Bible and we will be given a copy at the conference. I can’t wait to get my hands on the book. Now you know that I will have to ask her to come on my show, Bruja On Books.  Above all else, I also can’t wait to drink wine from New York State, eat local food, and luxuriate in my hotel room.

I have always had a love for wine and been interested in it from a senses point of you. Since becoming a wine writer, I have found that there are so many wonderful people in the wine business. People who are filled with passion and drive, representing all walks of life. I think that this conference will be a game changer for me on so many levels.

If you want more information on the Wine Blogger’s Conference, check out the site. Don’t feel like you have to be a wine blogger to attend, you can also be in other areas of the wine business. Follow the conference on Twitter: @WineBloggersCon, hashtag: #WBC15

See you there for the magick!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wicked Good Wine Stuff: Wine Bar in Hospital, Free Wine Course,Sauvignon Blanc Sorbet, & Top Bourdeax Reds

A French hospital is going to open up a wine bar to cheer up the terminally ill. It willl all be medically supervised. I dig this, it's a great idea!

The University of Burgundy in Dijon is going to launch a free wine course in English and French. You can look for the five week course starting on May 21st. 

Get this wicked good, green apple sauvignon blanc sorbet recipe. It's perfect for the summer months. It's the kinda thing that you can make for chilling at home or for a dinner soiree.

When I go to a French restaurant, I love a good glass of bordeaux. Check out a list of the top bourdeaux reds of 2014 so that you know what is worth sipping on. 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Lilac Wine

A little something for your senses, Lilac Wine,  sang by Nina Simone. Others have tried to sing the song, but Simone makes you feel this song down to your soul.

The lyrics form a narrative in which the singer recounts her heartache at losing a lover and taking solace from wine made from lilacs, a beloved edible flower. She is filled with bliss due to being tipsy or shall we say intoxicated? 

Did you know that lilac wine is really a thing? It actually seems easy to make, though if you know of a good one let me know, because I will so buy it.  Cheers!