Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chatzivariti, Good Greek Wine

For over 4,000 years, wine has been a big part of Greek culture, opa!  It is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. The first evidence of wine production dates back to ancient Crete.

(Chef and Evangelo Chatzivaritis)

I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Greek winery, Chatzivariti, at an intimate tasting at Docks Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill in Manhattan. The winemaker, Evangelo Chatzivaritis, was in attendance to share his passion for wine. Chatzivariti wines are organic and predominately made with Greek indigenous grapes that comes from its estate owned vineyards.

The Eurynome, Roditis was paired with a Bosc Pear and Crispy Goat Cheese Croquet. The light wine has notes of basil, ginger, and apple. The wine is named after the Greek goddess, Eurynome, according to Greek myth she created life. This was my favorite wine of the evening.

Next up we tried the Staphylus, Sauvignon Blanc which was served with a Butter Poached Maine lobster with Belgian endive.This wine was just as wonderful as the Eurynome. I loved the aromas of melon, honey, and orange. It is delightful with seafood, it would also be great with cheeses and fruits.

The third course of Duck and Fava Beans Fricassee went very well with the Staphylus, Cabernet Savignon. I’m not a big fan of duck so I concentrated on the wine. The cab was filled with some of my favorite aromas such as vanilla, tobacco, black cherry, and wild black fruits.

Last but not least was the Skuna Bay Salmon and Fingerling Potatoes was paired with the Eurynome Xinomavro/Negoska. The tender salmon worked well with the spice, olive, and bramble fruits in the wine.

Next time you go to the wine store and want to try something new, look for a Chatzivariti wine. I predict that you will become a fan. Cheers!

A Wine Connoisseur Tastes Shitty Wine!

This video is a real hoot! The Tipsy Bartender conducts a wine tasting with wine connoisseur, Whitney Adams. During this video Adams tastes "shitty wines"  then gives her review of them. The faces that she makes plus her comments about the wine is priceless. Check this out, maybe you will agree or disagree with some of her reviews. Cheers!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Jean de Lillet 2010 For The Holidays

You know that I love Lillet. From presents, to hostess gifts and holiday entertaining, Lillet’s newest and limited-run edition— Jean de Lillet 2010 ($39.99) is the ultimate crowd-pleaser that says luxury without breaking the bank. 

Jean de Lillet 2010 is a vintage created using the grapes of only the best Sauterne years in Bordeaux – and aged to produce deeper, rounder characteristics.

This season try Lillet Ambassador Claire Needham’s simple, yet elegant recipe. It would be great for any of your holiday soirees or just because:

Jean de Lillet & Champagne Cocktail
2 dashes dandelion-burdock bitters (Peychauds’s Bitters can be an alternative)
1 part Jean de Lillet 2010
1 part champagne
Keep JDL and champagne well chilled
Build cold ingredients in a champagne flute and garnish with a twist of orange peel.

About Jean de Lillet 2010
Maison Lillet is proud to announce the release of Jean de Lillet 2010 Reserve – on sale today! Produced in limited quantities, and in the best years, this extraordinary cuvee is a tribute to Lillet’s earliest-known ancestor who settled in Podensac, France, in 1680 where Lillet is still produced today.

This premium Reserve is a unique creation that blends a single vintage of Sauternes wine, only produced in Bordeaux’s best wine years, with their house-made citrus liqueur.  As 2009 is considered a great vintage year for Sauternes, 2010 is a stunning succession with a special balance and remarkable acidity, giving way to elegant fresh aromas.

Last year, Jean de Lillet’s 2009 vintage was received with high critical acclaim, and immediately sold out. Lovers of this iconic aperitif will have another chance to taste this premium spirit with an equally terrific vintage. Réserve Jean de Lillet 2010 may be enjoyed immediately, yet will improve with age (10 to 15 years). It is best served chilled as an aperitif, with amuses bouche, and is available in select retailers nationwide and at one of my favorite stores, at $39.99.